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Kraków Conference throws light on Leonardo learning

Members of an EU-funded Leonardo Transfer of Innovation project – called the Enable Project – meet in Hotel Holiday Inn, ul. Wielopole 4, Krakow, in Poland, on 6th September, to disseminate the project’s latest results. The project deals with ‘enabling labour market entry and mobility to disadvantaged groups engaging across Europe in learning through innovation’ (see:   Efficio Poland is [...]

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Pittaway’s pastures new

'Whatever happened to so and so?’ is a common question when old colleagues get together – and the question is far from rare in the e-learning world.   One person, who established quite a high profile in the industry a few years ago and then seemed to drift away from e-learning was Mark Pittaway. Once [...]

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More e-learning trends

Spurred on by the story that David Patterson, of Learning Light, is to reveal the top three trends in e-learning in the UK at a seminar in Leeds on 30th March, I expressed the view (see ‘Learning Light reveals the current top three trends in e-learning in the UK’ below) that ‘my guess is that [...]

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Learning Light reveals the current top three trends in e-learning in the UK

David Patterson, operations director of Learning Light, the Sheffield-based organisation which focuses on promoting the use of e-learning and learning technologies, is going to reveal the current top three trends in the UK’s e-learning market. Patterson will reveal these trends at a seminar organised by Webanywhere Ltd, an international organisation which provides online learning technology [...]

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Mobile learning’s appeal in Southern Europe

For many years, perceived wisdom – whatever that may be – has stated that the European markets for corporate e-learning are strongest in the UK and the other northern European countries, notably Germany and France. Corporate e-learning was said to have not made the same mark in the southern European countries – mainly Spain, Portugal, [...]

Becta’s death may not have been in vain

Much of the intellectual property of Becta, whose website was closed in the Coalition Government’s public sector cutbacks, has found its way onto the recently redeveloped E-learning Centre website ( – as ‘the Becta Collection (   Of course, this is not the only place where Becta material is now to be found. The Becta [...]

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Summit urges wider recognition for e-learning

Europe’s top e-learning strategists, content and systems developers attending the recent European e-learning Summit, held in the UK, agreed that: The use of technology to develop, deliver, store and manage training (a definition of e-learning) is core to the whole training sector. The e-learning industry needs a single, independent and impartial (in terms of e-learning [...]

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E-learning market analysis for most of Europe

European e-learning Summit delegates’ discussions (see: Summit urges wider recognition for e-learning above) were informed not only by their experience of the e-learning world but also by the latest – third - definitive report into the UK e-learning sector. The report complements similar reports of 2007 and 2009 and, this year, provides analysis on e-learning [...]

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The European e-learning Summit

Europe’s top e-learning strategists, content and systems developers will gather in Sheffield on 17th and 18th November for the first European e-learning Summit to be held in the UK. Delegates are coming to the Summit from as far afield as Italy, Greece and Eastern Europe, including the Czech Republic. One delegate/observer is coming from Australia. [...]

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The Guardian features Learning Light’s e-learning programmes

The Guardian newspaper has featured an e-learning programme developed by Learning Light which is helping people in Nigeria to recycle electrical and electronic waste safely.   An article by Louise Tickle, published in the Education Guardian on 12th October (, explained that people in developing countries who make a living scavenging the dumps of electronic [...]

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