Docebo, the disruptive Cloud E-Learning solutions provider, has published a whitepaper by Fosway Group HR Analysts entitled ‘Integrating the HR landscape on the Cloud.’ This paper sets out practical strategies for IT and HR managers to overcome the monolithic approach to HR suites by leveraging the Cloud for seamless online integration of HR tools and systems.


The whitepaper points out that the larger the organization, the more complex the HR landscape becomes. Traditionally, organizations had an HR management system (HRMS) installed on-premise to help them cope but, in reality, an HRMS still only manages a sub-set of people data and is supported by other process-specific applications. These legacy systems merely fragment the organization’s people data, leading to increasing complexity in managing it.


Instead, establishing HR systems in the Cloud allows organizations to pick and integrate online services that offer a superior user experience, as well as features designed to match the business needs of each company. Moreover, Cloud systems are configured – not customized – so integration connectors can be standardized. Indeed, Fosway’s research suggests that 75 percent of new solutions in 2015 will be deployed in the Cloud.


“Cloud is a future-proof technology which enables IT and HR managers to easily integrate systems and tools online – just in time – and according to the evolving needs of the Enterprise, “ said Claudio Erba, Docebo’s CEO. “This whitepaper is a guide for IT and HR departments, with practical strategies, uses-cases and best practices on how large organizations are able to integrate systems on the Cloud and simplify data exchange and management.”


Claudio Erba, CEO of Docebo.


Among other things, the Docebo whitepaper discusses:

  • The challenges of connecting the people data picture and the drivers to do so
  • The role of LMS as a central hub for integration among HR, talent and work
  • Systems legacy and the growth of Cloud in the systems landscape
  • How key people data elements are critical for driving real business outcomes
  • How to work with IT to address these challenges


To access the Docebo whitepaper, visit: