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Waste King helps football club to achieve its goals

The specialist collections, clearance and recycling company, Waste King, has contributed funds towards goals and other equipment at St Margaretsbury Football Club. Its donation - part of the company’s on-going corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment – was prompted by a request from John Waites, of London-based City Interiors, who is connected with St [...]

Shostakovich’s favourite tenor

Who was Shostakovich’s favourite tenor in the role of Zinovy, in his opera, Katerina Ismailova? Which world famous tenor urinated – unintentionally – on his dresser? And who did the world famous soprano, Marilyn Horne, ask to play with her breasts one day on the Covent Garden stage?   The answers – along [...]

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There’s always someone worse off than you

The next time you damage your car and are tempted to complain about the cost of its repair, spare a thought for members of a luxury sports car club in Japan.   Sky News reported recently that one of the club’s outings ended in one of the most expensive pile-ups in history. Eight Ferraris, three [...]

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Ostensibly macabre request

Over the years – particularly since 1967 until fairly recently – Northern Ireland has had a few ‘issues’. It may still have these issues but their manifestation is, thankfully, not as overt as it used to be.   That’s just as well. This morning, I received a request from Edward Devlin, a journalist from ‘Insider [...]

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Celebrating ‘Succeeders’

One of the biggest winners at the recent Training Journal (TJ) Awards – held at ‘8 Northumberland’ in London’s Northumberland Avenue – was Neil Mullarkey, who appeared as his alter ego, L Vaughan Spencer.   ‘L-Vo’, as he likes to be known in homage to J-Lo, is a self-confessed, egocentric, motivational guru and life coach [...]

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A sense of perspective

To continue the financial comparison between football and e-learning in this country (see ‘E-learning versus football’ below), Sky has revealed that English Premier League clubs spent £485m during the recent summer transfer window. Spending by the 20 English top-flight clubs was up £120m, or 33%, on last summer's outlay. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and [...]

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Neologisms and nonsense

One of the great things about language is that it’s always changing – reflecting changes in society, technology and attitudes, among other things. So, it was interesting that The Times has reported that the latest edition of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary has revealed this year’s additions to the lexicon.   New words that are [...]

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E-learning versus football

To coincide with the start of the (association) football season in Europe, Forbes - a leading source for business news and financial information – has revealed that the sport’s ten highest paid players are, currently: David Beckham ($40m a year), Christiano Ronaldo ($38m), Lional Messai ($32m), Ricardo Kaka ($25m), Ronaldinho ($24m), Theirry Henry ($24m), Wayne [...]

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Pendley Manor Spa and Conference Centre, in Tring, Hertfordshire – an excellent and highly recommended venue that I’ve visited many times, both as a delegate and as a trainer – has just published the following special offer for weddings there: ‘For every ten guests booked on our Opal Package, one guest goes free!’   Comment: [...]

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Waste King rescues Giant African Land Snail

  Here’s a bizarre but heart-warming story for the summer holiday ‘silly season’.   Glenn Currie, managing director of the specialist collections, clearance and recycling company, Waste King, explained: “One of our customers was moving to the USA and so had to get rid of her pet Giant African Land Snail. We were [...]

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