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On yer bike

Most people who move off benefits and into work say that having a job improves their quality of life, according to recent research by Working Links - an organisation that helps the long-term unemployed find work. Of its 1,300 clients, 80 per cent said they were more satisfied with life since finding work.   The [...]

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Muted enthusiasm for e-learning

While most companies use e-learning, just seven per cent see it as one of the top three most effective training methods, according to a CIPD survey. Only 50 per cent of employees who are offered e-learning take it up, while just 30 per cent are reported as completing their courses. Yet the use of e-learning [...]

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Mice and men

Some 42 per cent of HR professionals think that the quality of leadership in HR is poor or merely satisfactory, according to a survey conducted by HR with Guts and Orion Partners. The survey concentrated on the most important qualities for HR leaders to develop and display. Its results suggest that there is a conflict [...]

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