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A New Year’s resolution

Anyone who has found their mind wandering during meetings might, on reflection – and the Christmas/ New Year period is a great time for reflection – decide to improve their concentration and focus because that should improve their performance.   According to the management consultant and former Chairman of the Academy of Chief Executives in [...]

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Apps not courses

For an industry that prides itself at being in the forefront of technology, the e-learning world is extremely conservative.   For many years it was reluctant to move on from ‘e-learning 1.0’ – indeed, some cynics might say that the advent of rapid authoring tools has enabled subject matter experts to re-invent and perpetuate ‘e-learning [...]

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LCMS for Dutch construction industry trainers

Fundeon – a consultancy centre for the building and construction industry in the Netherlands – has engaged eXact learning solutions to ensure that Dutch industry professionals are prepared for their industry’s future needs   Having implemented eXact learning solutions’ products and systems, Fundeon has seen its share of the Dutch building and construction industry training [...]

It’s an ill wind…

In contrast to the extremely negative reaction from the UK’s student community, research conducted by Home Learning College, a provider of professional distance learning, shows that large sectors of the population see the benefit of increased tuition fees. Some 51% of the adults questioned believe higher fees will encourage more people into vocational study and [...]

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Energy to collaborate and collaboration for energy

There is no chance of successfully delivering any of the UK’s energy strategy for the next 20 years or so unless the organisations involved engage in effective collaboration. That was the message of energy experts at the Energy conference held in the grounds of the iconic Battersea Power Station on 30th November. Steve Wildman, of [...]

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Europe talks while Africa achieves

While e-learning developers and strategists in Europe have met and agreed on more concerted action to represent their views – and wares – to Government (see: Summit urges wider recognition for e-learning below), the continent of Africa seems to have taken a couple of giant leaps forward in terms of applied e-learning.   First, the [...]

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Summit urges wider recognition for e-learning

Europe’s top e-learning strategists, content and systems developers attending the recent European e-learning Summit, held in the UK, agreed that: The use of technology to develop, deliver, store and manage training (a definition of e-learning) is core to the whole training sector. The e-learning industry needs a single, independent and impartial (in terms of e-learning [...]

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E-learning market analysis for most of Europe

European e-learning Summit delegates’ discussions (see: Summit urges wider recognition for e-learning above) were informed not only by their experience of the e-learning world but also by the latest – third - definitive report into the UK e-learning sector. The report complements similar reports of 2007 and 2009 and, this year, provides analysis on e-learning [...]

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Obvious observations

In the latest issue of the US-based Sloan Consortium’s periodical, Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks, learning professionals say that corporate training (said to now be worth $31bn a year or a quarter of the US’s total spend on training) has been transformed by technology-based instruction.   “In little over a decade, corporations moved rapidly from [...]

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A study in irony

According to the 2010 State of the Industry Report from the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) - which collected data from 304 companies, with an average of 13,728 employees - $126bn was spent on employee learning and development in the US in 2009. Of this $126bn, some two-thirds ($78.61bn) was spent on the [...]

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