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CloudQast caravan enhances and encourages its creative Bohemian image

The leadership communications specialist CloudQast has taken delivery of a 1964 ‘classic’ Airstream Globe Trotter caravan.     This 16-feet long example of touring history will become CloudQast’s ‘creative headquarters’ in St Albans – the venue for the creative scriptwriting for CloudQast’s many video-based learning and development (L&D) materials.   CloudQast director, Damian [...]

CloudQast business development secret: poems generate business boom

The leadership communications specialist CloudQast has hit on an unusual, highly creative and successful business strategy to bring it customers: it writes poems.   CloudQast director, Damian Gaskin, explained, “When we encountered the credit crunch, in 2008, a number of our customers reduced their budgets and that affected CloudQast’s activity and income-generation.   [...]

CloudQast makes all its video output iOS10 ready

Leadership communications specialist CloudQast has announced that it’s able to produce interactive video on the iPhone following the release of iOS10 this September.   CloudQast director, Damian Gaskin, explained, “Interactive video on the iPhone hasn’t been possible until iOS10 without expensive bespoke applications. The release of iOS10 changes that and our platform is ready to [...]

Learning Light re-launches its E-Learning Centre website with the e-learning Content Store

  The E-Learning Centre, a long established information resource about e-learning and learning technologies for business education, not-for-profit or the public sector, has been re-launched with the new e-learning Content Store.   In addition to the information and the many resources that are freely available on the site, the e-learning Content Store contains a vast [...]

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Insoluble opportunities

  We’re all encouraged to see problems and challenges as opportunities. The only thing is, though, that sometimes there are insoluble opportunities.   After more than 20 years, the HRD conference and exhibition – held, this year, at Olympia in London at the end of April – appears to be presenting its organisers, CIPD Enterprises, [...]

Making work meaningful

It’s about a year since Marjolein Lips-Wiersma and Lani Morris published their groundbreaking book ‘The Map of Meaning: A guide to sustaining our humanity at work’, which encapsulates decades of study and insights into one of management’s most vexing questions: why do some workplaces packed with engaged and motivated workers while others appear packed with [...]

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No formal learning please, we’re managers

Research (available from, carried out by GoodPractice, has revealed leaders’ and managers’ preference for informal or social learning. The study found that the biggest challenge faced by leaders and managers relates to having difficult conversations with team members. This ranked far ahead of all other issues discussed in the research, with over [...]

Optimism flourishes among L&D professionals as well as lunatics

A recent survey has reported that 87% of learning managers believe that they can meet the learning needs of their organisation effectively - against a backdrop of shrinking resources, with 44% of respondents reporting either moderate or substantial cuts to resource provision. Some 37% of respondents also predicted reductions in staff during the coming six [...]

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Skills minister calls for more learning at work

Skills Minister John Hayes has called on all UK businesses to promote informal learning at work, following pledges from 64 companies to increase informal workplace training for their staff. These companies, including 11 from the FTSE 350, represent nearly 2m employees. They formed part of a recent ‘Café Culture’ campaign run by Business in the [...]

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