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The future – not the present – of work

A recent report - The Future of Work - from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, in association with the work-life balance charity, Working Families argues that employers need to adapt to a changing world of work to ensure they continue to attract the right talent. Discussing with employees how they want work to work, [...]

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Skills minister calls for more learning at work

Skills Minister John Hayes has called on all UK businesses to promote informal learning at work, following pledges from 64 companies to increase informal workplace training for their staff. These companies, including 11 from the FTSE 350, represent nearly 2m employees. They formed part of a recent ‘Café Culture’ campaign run by Business in the [...]

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Business Buzz Word generator

Brett Tudor’s recent plea to members of the ‘Simply Business’ group on LinkedIn – ‘Can anyone think of some examples of office slang, or phrases peculiar to the corporate environment? I'm doing some research on the subject for an article’ – prompted me to recall a ‘Buzz Word Generator’ that I was given when I [...]

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Valuable and valueless

According to a new report by PwC, most large organisations now have an articulated set of values or principles. Only one in ten respondents said that their organisation has none.   The survey found that 80% of respondents realise that consistent and frequent communication are important drivers in stressing these values, but only 63% state [...]

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No more Parity

One of the giants of the UK IT training industry - Parity Training - has been placed in administration. Colin Steed, Chief Executive of the Institute of IT Training (IITT), has gone on record as saying: "We’ve worked with Parity since the IITT's formation in 1995 and they have always been a leading supporter of the [...]

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Base business on Bible, says business school head

A top academic believes Bible teaching should be enshrined in business training if future financial crises are to be avoided. According to a report in the Times Higher Education publication, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School’s David Muskett said: “We have been teaching business techniques in a moral vacuum.” Muskett, the head of undergraduate programmes, wants [...]

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Dangerous statistics reveal a disturbing truth

Experts are warning that the benefits of economic recovery and growth will only be fully realised if there is continued investment in skills. (,-warn-experts) The first National Strategic Skills Audit, commissioned by the Government and published by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), claims that the last decade has seen unprecedented increases in [...]

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Sending the wrong learning message

While it has not been announced with a great fanfare of publicity there is, nonetheless, a strong rumour that National Learning at Work Day 2010 will take place on 20th May as part of Adult Learners’ Week. Apparently, the Day is about workplaces making a commitment to learning and skills by holding events and activities for [...]

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Too many cooks…

The current crisis of confidence in UK management may have been fuelled by an over quota of 'technical specialists' filling managerial roles who lack the necessary leadership and management skills to keep staff engaged, according to a performance culture specialist from Q4 Solutions. Following the recent CBI report which revealed many employees had little confidence [...]

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ELIG hits out at cost-cutting

At its 2009 Annual General Meeting in Lausanne, the European Learning Industry Group (ELIG) formally endorsed the view that cost-cutting by itself was not a sustainable way out of the current economic crisis and that innovation was required now more than ever.   “With new ICT enabled tools we can tap the brainpower of knowledge [...]

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