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Eleven reasons why e-learning is like cricket

  The fabled similarity between cricket and e-learning was emphasised a few days ago when E-Learning Age, in association with Unicorn Training, organised a one day seminar – on ‘the future of e-learning’ – at The Kia Oval, in Kennington, London. There, overseen by the portraits of many of Surrey’s greatest cricketers, the Texas-born, California-based [...]

Technology alters bedroom activities

  According to a survey of 1,000 commuters in London, carried out by Infosecurity Europe, 29% of people look at emails - on computers or smartphones - and catch up on work while they’re in bed, especially if they can’t sleep. Apparently, 15% of them do this at the same time as their partner is [...]

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Evolving interactivity

  It’s now some six months since Harbinger Knowledge Products – makers of Raptivity, the award-winning, rapid e-learning development software tool that comes with a library of pre-built customisable interactions, most of which are interactive - launched ‘Raptivity Evolve’ for its Raptivity premium customers. In that time, it’s produced five new interaction modules collaborating with [...]

It ain’t what you say, it’s the way that you say it

A recent study, published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication in the USA, has studied the impact of insulting comments about an article on readers’ capacity to understand the article’s content accurately. It has concluded that an abusive or offensive comment not only changes a reader’s response to what s/he’s read, it also changes her/his [...]

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Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

Amid the fallout from the Illinois Batman killings, evidence that the accused did not use Facebook has sparked a debate over whether - with social media use becoming almost omnipresent among younger users - not having any form of online profile is inherently suspicious. It now seems to be a case of ‘damned if you [...]

Sex, drugs and social media

No - this headline does not refer to The Learning Awards, a glittering evening held to honour the great and good of the learning world which was held at the Dorchester Hotel in London last night. A study from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business has revealed that we are more addicted to [...]

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Fitting social media to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Speaking at a conference for members of Frost & Sullivan's Global community of Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL), held at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, Andrew Lamb, a Director of Appropedia (a wiki which focuses on sustainability issues – see:, argued that ‘web 2.0’ has encouraged new forms of social interaction and collaboration. He added that [...]

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It’s not just all talk

According to a customer satisfaction survey conducted at the end of March, some 80% of executives believe their company delivers superior customer service. Interestingly, only eight per cent of their customers agree. This statistic was revealed by Murray Cox, a consultant with the customer communication consultancy CCL ( Cox was speaking at one of a [...]

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Social media advice for organisations

‘Social media – we know it’s going on but we’re not in control’. That – according to communication strategy consultant Martin Hill-Wilson – is a typical response from businesses to today’s social media phenomenon. Hill-Wilson was speaking at one of a series of seminars on communications and customer strategy organised by the management consultancy CCL [...]

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From ‘e’ to ‘we’ learning:

No-one knows everything but everyone knows something. Behind this truism lies the principle of empowerment through collaboration. Say you’re exploring a theory about a little known or widely misunderstood subject, or you are researching an unusual medical condition, or you are trying to learn more about a niche art movement in the 1880s. Whatever the [...]

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