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Caribbean women benefit from the Springboard programme

Women in the Caribbean are now benefitting from the award-winning development programme from The Springboard Consultancy (SBC), an international training company based in the UK, specialising in addressing women's development issues.   When she was studying for a Masters’ degree at the University of Cambridge in 2008, Mandisa Regrello, a native of Trinidad, experienced the [...]

The Learning And Performance Institute expands operations into Australia and New Zealand

The Learning and Performance Institute is to provide local operations and support to L&D communities in Australia and New Zealand.   Today the Learning and Performance Institute (LPI), the global body for professional skills development and research in L&D, announced it will provide local operations and support for individuals and organisations in Australia and New [...]

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E-Learning Centre adds Virtual Coach courses in negotiation and sales skills

  Customers of The E-Learning Centre website can now develop their sales, sales planning and negotiation skills via four courses produced by the Virtual Coach.   This UK-based organisation, founded by the award winning salesman and internationally acclaimed coach, Alan McCarthy, of RDC, is providing access via the E-Learning Centre website to its courses on [...]

ME Construction embarks on £1.85m refurbishment project in Hammersmith

  Having completed a refurbishment and extension project on a house in Hammersmith, ME Construction, the London-based specialist construction company, has been awarded a further, similar project for the same client. This second project is valued at some £1.85m.   The original project comprised the extension and refurbishment of a terraced house, including the demolition [...]

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Dangerous statistics reveal a disturbing truth

Experts are warning that the benefits of economic recovery and growth will only be fully realised if there is continued investment in skills. (,-warn-experts) The first National Strategic Skills Audit, commissioned by the Government and published by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES), claims that the last decade has seen unprecedented increases in [...]

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Learning providers are shown where the money is

During the current recession, three in ten adults who are working or looking for work have paid to learn new skills in their own time to help them get new jobs or keep their current one.   This is revealed in a new poll by elemense, the recruitment processing outsourcing company. The survey also found [...]

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Telling it like it should be

Cutting back too far on staffing during the recession could leave businesses lagging behind when the upturn arrives, believes Andrew Hardaker, managing director of recruitment specialists, ATA Selection. He says that many businesses are looking at ways of saving money – and, with employees often being the most expensive overhead, staff cutbacks seem inevitable. His [...]

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And now, the news you’ve known all along

A recent study by IBM and the Human Capital Institute (HCI) shows that while 84 per cent of organisations know workforce effectiveness is important to achieving business results, only 42 per cent of those surveyed say managers devote sufficient time to people management. The study, ‘Integrated Talent Management’, was based on research with 1,900 individuals [...]