Over 35,000 women in Australia benefit from the Springboard development programme


The UK-based training company, The Springboard Consultancy, has revealed that over 35,000 women in Australia have now experienced its ‘Springboard’ development programme.


The Springboard programme, delivered over three months,  enables women to identify the clear, practical and realistic steps that they want to take to make a better world for themselves at work and home, while building the practical skills and confidence to take these steps. It is delivered – currently in 44 countries – through an extensive network of licensed local trainers and, so far, has been used by over 240,000 women.


One of Australia’s Springboard trainers – licensed by The Springboard Consultancy (SBC) – is Lisa Baker. Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Lisa – an executive coach, consultant and the Founder/Director of Kaleidoscope Consulting – commented, “Springboard themes and messages can have a long-lasting impact on women’s lives and their choices.”


Lisa Baker, of Kaleidoscope Consulting.


Lisa illustrated her comment with the story of Kellie, one of women she trained on the Springboard programme a few years ago. Kellie recently contacted Lisa to give her an update on her activities.


Kellie said that, in the previous eight months or so, she had become engaged but then separated from her fiancé. Kellie said, “Things didn’t seem to improve, so I made the decision to walk away – to give us both the best opportunity at real happiness.”




About to turn 30, Kellie took up singing – which, she said, she enjoys greatly – and is in the process of joining the Australian Defence Force (ADF). Kellie said, “I’m a reservist right now, but I need to challenge myself – and what better way could there be?”


Kellie also took up coaching senior netball at her current club and, in her first season as coach, the team rose from fourth position in the league to win the Grand Final.


Kellie added that she has progressed at work, and is now taking on extra duties and responsibilities.


“Whenever I have a new challenge or something difficult I need to face and deal with in my life, I think back to all the things I learnt in Springboard,” said Kellie. “I can confidently say that the course changed me. It allowed me to learn so much about myself. I’m all the better for attending Springboard.”


Lisa Baker commented, “Kellie’s story is simple and heartfelt – and typical of those who come on the Springboard programme. I believe that her high regard for the Springboard programme is typical of participants, and reflects the talents and inspiration that all Springboard facilitators around the world bring to their programmes.”


Feedback from Springboard participants reveals that 84 per cent of them are ‘more open to change’ after attending the programme; 83 per cent have ‘a more positive attitude’; 80 per cent have ‘increased confidence/self-esteem’; 79 per cent are ‘better at managing change’; 78 per cent have ‘taken on more responsibility’; 75 per cent can provide evidence that they’re ‘better at problem solving’ and 67 per cent can provide evidence that they’re making a ‘better use of resources’.