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Thought for the day

A recent survey by Virgin Money asked football fans to estimate how much, on average, they thought about the game each day. Fans of Sean Bean’s favourite side – the Blades (Sheffield United to the uninitiated) – came top of the poll, thinking about football 110 times a day; followed by Charlton fans (104). The [...]

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Laptops away!

Apparently – according to a survey by information security company SafeNet – UK business travellers lose up to 8,500 mobile devices in the country's airports every year. Those travelling from major London airports are the most 'unlucky', with more than 400 laptops and 2,500 other mobile devices lost annually. Meanwhile, business professionals using airports in [...]

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Web wobble

Is the writing on the wall (again) for the internet industry? We are currently experiencing ‘web 2.0’ and this is enabling an apparently endless rise in the revenues derived from web advertising (with US internet advertising reportedly rising 25 per cent in the third quarter of this year to a record $5.2bn). As a result, [...]

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