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Ground-breaking book added to the Endless Bookcase

The publisher, the Endless Bookcase, has expanded its portfolio of titles by publishing ‘Bob’s Exploratory Theological Adventures’. Acknowledging that, in publishing this book, his firm is, in many ways, exploring new territory, the Endless Bookcase’s managing director, Carl French, said, “Although this isn’t the first book by Bob Little that we’ve published, it’s definitely the [...]

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Issues of Trust and Trustworthiness

Notably since the global economic “crash” of 2008, business commentators – among others – have been remarking on a general loss of public “trust” in organisations.   According to Robert Phillips, a former PR practitioner, the author of “Trust me, PR is dead” and now the Co-Founder of Jericho Chambers (a strategy consultancy that’s been [...]

Halal Industry Development Corporation and EDTRIN seal a global education and training agreement

The Halal Industry Development Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (HDC) of Malaysia and EDTRIN have sealed an agreement regarding delivering education and training programs to the Gobal Halal industry.   “This strategic partnership will enhance the e-Learning and e-Training programs to the RM2.3 trillion Global Halal industry,” said HDC’s CEO, Dato’ Seri Jamil Bidin.   Under this [...]

EDTRIN Group enters strategic partnership with Indian based Hare Krishna educational publisher, Goloka Education

EDTRIN Group has made an agreement with Goloka Education to distribute a wide range of learning content to partners, collaborators, communities and individuals comprising the Hare Krishna diaspora worldwide. Goloka Education is an Indian-based Hare Krishna educational publisher aiming to enrich and reconnect youth to the Vedic culture, positive virtues and enduring traditions.   Prana [...]

Book Review (number 9)

Creating Community By Simon Reed Published by The Bible Reading Fellowship ISBN 978-0-85746-009-7   This book champions three practices – from the first millennium – to enable churches in today’s third millennium become living communities: a Way of Life; a network of Soul Friends, and a Rhythm of Prayer. Simon Reed offers these to answer [...]

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Waterways Chaplains gain key information at Workplace Matters’ training day

Waterways Chaplains took a day off from their regular duties recently to attend a training day which gave them a wealth of new information - to help them in their job of offering a listening ear and, where needed, a helping hand to those living on and around Britain’s waterways.   Organised by Workplace Matters [...]

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Second doctorate for Workplace Matters’ Chief Executive Officer

The Rev Dr John Scott’s second anniversary of his becoming CEO of Workplace Matters (WM), a charity which takes Christian values into the workplace, has been marked by his being awarded a second doctorate.   This second doctorate is in divinity and has been conferred by the University of Edinburgh. John’s first doctorate - a [...]

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Workplace Matters awarded a grant for its Waterways Chaplaincy work

The Box Moor Trust, which manages some 480 acres of agricultural and amenity land for the benefit of the inhabitants of Hemel Hempstead and Bovingdon, has approved a grant of £2,500 to Workplace Matters (WM), an ecumenical charity which takes Christian values into the workplace.   The grant is to help WM provide equipment for [...]

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Workplace Matters sponsors St Albans’ Leadership in Business Network

Through its consultancy arm, Workplace Matters, an ecumenical charity which takes Christian values into the workplace, is running a ‘Leadership in Business Network’. In particular, the Network will be holding three evening meetings - on 22nd September, 23rd October and 27th November – at The Vineyard Centre, 7 Brick Knoll Park, St. Albans, AL1 5UG, [...]

New Chairman for Workplace Matters

Delbert Sandiford has become the new Chair of the Trustees of Workplace Matters, an ecumenical charity which takes Christian values into the workplace. He succeeds the late Alan Harpham, who had been chairman of the charity for some years but who died in January this year.   Delbert - who has been appointed to his [...]

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