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How to prosper in the downturn

Clive Shepherd, chairman of the eLearning Network (eLN) - a non-profit organisation run by the e-learning community for the e-learning community – has revealed ten things to do to prosper during the economic downturn. HIs advice – based on a presentation at the recent Learning Technologies event in London – is freely available on the [...]

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A little bit of stick

According to Management Today magazine, data security firm Credant Technologies has reported that, in the last year alone, dry cleaners have found as many as 9,000 USB memory sticks in clothing sent for cleaning. One particular dry cleaner’s in the City of London said that it found some 100 USB sticks a year. Credant also [...]

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A piece of excellent advice

Greed appears to be a major motivator in today’s world. It lies at the heart of the current global economic crisis but, to be fair, it is a characteristic that has pervaded all of human history. Even in the micro-economic worlds that we all inhabit (and especially in the world of writing), you will find [...]

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