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Another e-learning debate at the Oxford Union

Following last year's inaugural debate on e-learning at the Oxford Union - the prestigious 186-year-old debating society – Epic, the equally well established (in terms of the e-learning industry) e-learning content provider, has been encouraged to try this format again. So, on 6th October, Epic is sponsoring another Oxford Union debate – linking informal learning [...]

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Business Buzz Word generator

Brett Tudor’s recent plea to members of the ‘Simply Business’ group on LinkedIn – ‘Can anyone think of some examples of office slang, or phrases peculiar to the corporate environment? I'm doing some research on the subject for an article’ – prompted me to recall a ‘Buzz Word Generator’ that I was given when I [...]

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Reading speed rise in response to the information age

Training specialist, Illumine, has found that its speed reading courses are not only helping to improve delegates’ reading speeds but also helping them overcome the stress of ‘information overwhelm’. The average reading speed of delegates attending Illumine’s speed reading courses in 1997 was 265 words per minute (wpm). According to data from more recent Illumine [...]

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Valuable and valueless

According to a new report by PwC, most large organisations now have an articulated set of values or principles. Only one in ten respondents said that their organisation has none.   The survey found that 80% of respondents realise that consistent and frequent communication are important drivers in stressing these values, but only 63% state [...]

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Five point plan for economic competitiveness through worker competency

At the recent Training Transformation Symposium (at the Royal School of Military Engineering (RSME) in Chatham, Kent), Fabrizio Cardinali - CEO of Giunti Labs and chair of the European Learning Industry Group (ELIG) - presented a five point plan to ensure economic competitiveness through worker competency in the face of global economic challenge and change. [...]

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