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Oxford Union debates e-learning – again

Early October saw the second annual e-learning-related debate by the Oxford Union. Again sponsored by Epic, this time the motion before the house was: ‘This house believes that technology-based informal learning is more style than substance.’   If you want to see highlights of the debate, you can view them at: The result on [...]

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Another e-learning debate at the Oxford Union

Following last year's inaugural debate on e-learning at the Oxford Union - the prestigious 186-year-old debating society – Epic, the equally well established (in terms of the e-learning industry) e-learning content provider, has been encouraged to try this format again. So, on 6th October, Epic is sponsoring another Oxford Union debate – linking informal learning [...]

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The Oxford Union debates e-learning

That august debating institution The Oxford Union – no less - focused its attention on the world of e-learning on 30th September when it debated the motion that ‘this house believes that the e-learning of today is essential for the important skills of tomorrow’.   The motion was lost, after learning experts from industry and [...]

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