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Less behind the times than usual, maybe

Trainee priests at St John’s Roman Catholic Seminary in Surrey are now using Video Arts’ training resource, ‘Meetings, Bloody Meetings’, to improve their ability to organise and chair meetings. Peter Andrews, a trainee priest at the Seminary said: “Running effective meetings is part of good management but these skills are not covered in our training. [...]

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Optimism flourishes among L&D professionals as well as lunatics

A recent survey has reported that 87% of learning managers believe that they can meet the learning needs of their organisation effectively - against a backdrop of shrinking resources, with 44% of respondents reporting either moderate or substantial cuts to resource provision. Some 37% of respondents also predicted reductions in staff during the coming six [...]

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Worldwide appeal for Leonardo project’s outcomes

ENABLE - a 24 month, 300,000 euro, EU-wide Leonardo project, which aims to bring e-learning to marginalised learners - is making such impressive progress that it is attracting interest from outside Europe and has received an enquiry from McGirr Associates, of New Zealand.   The ENABLE project involves Learning Light, The Workshop Sheffield (TWS) and [...]

Accountants’ web skills tested

‘Welcome to, home to high quality cpd for accountants. Written by some of the field’s leading names, our courses are designed to stimulate, challenge, help you grow professionally and give you the cpd you need.’   So proclaims the home page of Accounting CPD – a Nelson Croom published website, launched at the end [...]

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Gender pay research raises questions

HR magazine has reported that research from Melbourne Business School reveals that it’s more important for women to be 'likeable' rather than good at their job if they want a pay rise or promotion. Professor Mara Olekalns, who teaches negotiation management as part of the MBA curriculum, found gender stereotypes were still in place while [...]

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The future – not the present – of work

A recent report - The Future of Work - from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, in association with the work-life balance charity, Working Families argues that employers need to adapt to a changing world of work to ensure they continue to attract the right talent. Discussing with employees how they want work to work, [...]

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ALT spotlights lazy students

According to the results of research by Middlesex University, published at the Association for Learning Technology (ALT)’s annual conference at the University of Nottingham this month, students are shunning multi-million pound high-tech college library services in favour of cheaper external resources such as Google and YouTube.   The research reveals that students find university and [...]

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