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Mobile learning’s appeal in Southern Europe

For many years, perceived wisdom – whatever that may be – has stated that the European markets for corporate e-learning are strongest in the UK and the other northern European countries, notably Germany and France. Corporate e-learning was said to have not made the same mark in the southern European countries – mainly Spain, Portugal, [...]

Helping young people to develop business skills

Two – no doubt of many – recent examples of the business world helping young people to develop valuable life skills include:   Ben Turner, National Sales Manager for the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM), is helping unemployed young people in Bedfordshire improve their chances of getting jobs in sales and marketing. Ben [...]

Corporate e-learning’s dilemma with Government

Technically, the Government says that it wants to – and does – encourage small and medium sized companies (SMEs) to bid for, and get, Government contracts. The Government says that this will provide the taxpayer with greater value for money because SMEs tend to be more creative, flexible and so on – and also tend [...]

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The value of – and the need for – systems interoperability

From the start of the e-learning industry (which some date to the mainframe, green screen days of the 1960s but which everyone agrees was in full swing by the late 1980s), e-learning producers fell, roughly, into two categories: those that produced what came to be called authoring tools (the software needed to develop e-learning content) [...]

I have a vowel please – or a consonant?

The global economic changes are not only challenging the traditional world order, they are also throwing up new – and therefore confusing – acronyms. So, just in case you’re not too sure about the terms for the new groupings of growing economies, they are: BRIC: Brazil, Russia, India and China. N-11 (the ‘next 11’): Bangladesh, [...]

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Becta’s death may not have been in vain

Much of the intellectual property of Becta, whose website was closed in the Coalition Government’s public sector cutbacks, has found its way onto the recently redeveloped E-learning Centre website ( – as ‘the Becta Collection (   Of course, this is not the only place where Becta material is now to be found. The Becta [...]

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