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A Mobile-First, Workforce Management Solution from eCom Learning Solutions

Organisations wanting to maintain their competitive edge by investing in their people can now use an over-arching learning platform to gain valuable insights into their workers’ learning, skills, competencies, engagement and performance.   One such platform – eNetEnterprise, from eCom Learning Solutions, Scotland’s leading digital learning and assessment specialist - goes beyond merely providing, managing [...]

Vado courses now featured on the Learning Light E-Learning Centre

  Vado is the latest e-learning production house to have its online courses added toThe E-Learning Centre website.   Vado’s learning courses are designed to help organisations take action to develop competencies and increase engagement among their workforce, as well as help new employees to learn about their new employer quickly and build contacts and [...]

Process not task orientation is key to effective Facilitation

  Risk & Policy Analysts Limited (RPA), a Norfolk-based consultancy providing advice to clients spanning the chemicals, energy, water, waste and more general environmental sectors around the world, is reaping the business benefits of adopting a more rigorous approach to Facilitation skills.   Providing strategic analysis skills to help decision makers with the [...]

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