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Cunning linguists

According to the European wide project Language Rich Europe, sponsored by language teaching specialists, Rosetta Stone, all European countries have foreign language provision in primary education. Denmark and Greece make two foreign languages compulsory, while 18 countries have one compulsory foreign language. Only in England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, are foreign languages optional. Also, according [...]

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Mind your language (part three)

Having a client which uses learning technologies to teach English (goFLUENT) has prompted Bob Little Press & PR to do some research into language learning. This research has revealed that those who really want to master English – as opposed to just being fluent in English as a second language – need to take account [...]

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A million?

The cross-cultural communications guru and celebrated author, Richard D Lewis, wrote in his blog recently: ‘…Not satisfied with its twin sources of Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman French, English has, over the centuries, ruthlessly mugged languages ranging from Sanskrit, Latin and ancient Greek to Hindi, Malay, modern French, Italian and Navajo… A Texan organisation, Global Language Monitor, [...]

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