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Learning technology’s benchmark study – and a suggestion for success

Towards Maturity’s latest – its sixth – annual learning technology Benchmark Study reveals that the top companies, in terms of corporate learning, are achieving substantial additional benefits through deploying technology in learning. This includes using learning technology to share good practice; improve talent, staff engagement and performance; respond faster to business change, and speed up [...]

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Towards understanding

Learning technologies sector benchmarking specialist Towards Maturity is set to reveal the findings of its latest – fifth annual – research into the sector’s trends. Sources close to the organisation are suggesting that the preliminary results of the 2011 Benchmark Study have revealed: 72% of organisations believe that learning technologies help them respond faster to [...]

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Leadership development leads the way for learning technologies

According to a recently published study by Towards Maturity’s Laura Overton and Dr Genny Dixon, leadership and management development skills is the business area that will see the greatest increase in e-learning materials over the next two years.   The study, which included the views of over 180 organisations, encompassing over 35,000 managers, concluded that [...]

E-learning – actually

It seems that Laura Overton - head of Towards Maturity, the organisation that collects a great deal of learning technologies benchmarking data and industry trends - has started her own industry trend.   Speaking at a seminar held at BMA House, Tavistock Square, in London on 15th June and organised by Towards Maturity ‘ambassador’ LMMatters, [...]

Towards more benchmarking

Towards Maturity, the benchmarking and best practice organisation which aims to improve the impact of learning technologies at work, has launched a new benchmarking service. Called the Head Start Programme, Towards Maturity claims that this 12 month blended support programme will use benchmarking to help users find the most effective implementation path to enable them [...]

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Towards Maturity reflection

According to Laura Overton, managing director of Towards Maturity (TM), some 20 per cent of the respondents to TM’s latest benchmarking survey said that their e-learning initiatives had been negatively affected in the last year with reduced resourcing or stalled plans as a result of the economic climate. Writing in the November edition of E-learning [...]

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Plumbing e-learning’s linguistic depths

Recently, I received a ‘promotional’ email, which began: ‘Towards Maturity, the government (sic) funded organisation targeted at improving technology at work, are (sic) currently hosting a white paper by ourselves (sic) on the future of the L&D profession and the drive towards online learning… The Digital Learning Company is a business which focuses on supporting [...]

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People problems

Towards Maturity’s recent benchmarking report – Driving Business Benefits – has found: Strengthening induction training, improving the quality of learning and developing a better qualified workforce are the main reasons why 64 per cent of organisations plan to increase their learning technologies budgets in 2009. Two years ago, the main reasons for using learning technologies [...]

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