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Spirituality’s place in project management

The importance of developing a workforce’s spiritual intelligence as well as its intellectual and emotional abilities is set out in three programmes recently uploaded to the PM Channel (, an online television channel specialising in project management. The programmes feature Alan Harpham, who, among other things is the Chairman of Workplace Matters, an [...]

Chaplains to the Emergency Services wanted

Workplace Matters (WM), a charity which has over 50 years’ experience providing chaplaincy to a wide range of organisations within the private, not-for-profit and public sectors, is launching a recruitment drive for people to serve as chaplains to the emergency services in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.   Most of WM’s chaplains – who give [...]

Abbey’s ancient setting for radical approach to work harmony

The ancient buildings of St Albans Abbey were the setting, early this month, for the launch of a book which sets out a radical new approach to enable people to ‘bring their whole selves to work’ and so feel truly ‘valued’ in their workplace. New Zealand-based authors Dr Marjolein Lips-Wiersma and Lani Morris [...]

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St Albans Abbey’s Lady Chapel in launch double

The Lady Chapel in St Albans Abbey is the venue for two major launches simultaneously from 7pm on Wednesday 2nd November. There’s the launch of the book, ‘The Map of Meaning – How to Sustain our Humanity in the World of Work’, by the New Zealand-based authors Dr Marjo Lips-Wiersma and Lani Morris, [...]

Compassion for ourselves

Writing recently in the Harvard Business Review, Tony Schwartz , President and CEO of The Energy Project, asked readers to think of the last time they felt ‘triggered’ or pushed into negative emotions by someone or something. Schwartz revealed that we experience negative emotions when we feel a sense of threat or danger. The trigger [...]

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26 years and counting

Apparently – according to Stephen Covey, writing in his blog – 15th March 1985 (just over 26 years ago!) saw the first ‘dot-com’ registration on the internet.   That was before my time in this industry – but I do remember a speaker at a meeting of the Association for Computer Based Training (which eventually [...]

An insight into the Special Relationship

According to an article on the Training Journal website (, the New York Times carried out research among Americans about what they feared the most in life.   The fear of death came a mere third, with the fear of walking into a room full of strangers coming in at number two. The number one fear, among the [...]

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Less behind the times than usual, maybe

Trainee priests at St John’s Roman Catholic Seminary in Surrey are now using Video Arts’ training resource, ‘Meetings, Bloody Meetings’, to improve their ability to organise and chair meetings. Peter Andrews, a trainee priest at the Seminary said: “Running effective meetings is part of good management but these skills are not covered in our training. [...]

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Base business on Bible, says business school head

A top academic believes Bible teaching should be enshrined in business training if future financial crises are to be avoided. According to a report in the Times Higher Education publication, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School’s David Muskett said: “We have been teaching business techniques in a moral vacuum.” Muskett, the head of undergraduate programmes, wants [...]

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Investment report criticises executive pay

Both the BBC and the Church Times have reported that the ecumenical Church Investors Group (CIG) – a Christian investment group - has produced a report which recommends that no executives should be paid more than 75 times the level of the lowest earners.   The CIG commissioned two theological professors to write ‘The Ethics [...]

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