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Wise Words, Success Secrets – or Pallid Platitudes

Offering advice – both bidden and unbidden - is a trait that’s practised in every country and culture. Advice comes from any source but tends to be conferred more by those who feel themselves to be senior – in terms of age and/or status.   Some of this advice is useless – because it deals [...]

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Bringing meaning and purpose to work

  Della Bradshaw, writing in the FT’s Management section, in May 2013, reveals that ‘the latest topic on the business school agenda is happiness’. She adds that “meaning” is the term used by Lee Newman, dean of innovation and behaviour at IE Business School in Spain. At Michigan Ross in the US, Jane Dutton, university [...]

Workplace Matters commissions Waterways Chaplain

  Workplace Matters (WM), an ecumenical charity which takes Christian values into the workplace, has expanded its team of waterways chaplains by commissioning Barbara Davis, a Bishops Stortford resident who keeps a narrow boat, ‘Charm’, at Harlow. She is serving as a waterways chaplain for the boating community and others who use a 25 mile [...]

Technology alters bedroom activities

  According to a survey of 1,000 commuters in London, carried out by Infosecurity Europe, 29% of people look at emails - on computers or smartphones - and catch up on work while they’re in bed, especially if they can’t sleep. Apparently, 15% of them do this at the same time as their partner is [...]

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Book Review (number 5) : Learning a Living

Valerie Hannon, Sarah Gillinson and Leonie Shanks Published by: Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing ISBN: 978-99921-95-55-0   ‘Learning’ is not a topic that has attracted many ‘coffee table books’ but Learning a Living fits the category perfectly. Beautifully illustrated with photographs by Reza Deghati, the book explores ways to rebuild the relationship between education and the [...]

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Searching for an Executive Director

Workplace Matters (WM), a charity which has over 50 years’ experience of taking Christian values into the workplace, including providing chaplaincy to a wide range of organisations within the private, not-for-profit and public sectors, has begun searching for its next Executive Director. The post became vacant a few weeks ago, following the resignation of the [...]

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Compassion for ourselves

Writing recently in the Harvard Business Review, Tony Schwartz , President and CEO of The Energy Project, asked readers to think of the last time they felt ‘triggered’ or pushed into negative emotions by someone or something. Schwartz revealed that we experience negative emotions when we feel a sense of threat or danger. The trigger [...]

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Learning? At Work?

This year, ‘Learning at Work Day’ falls on 24th May.   For the past eight years, Learning at Work Day has been promoted by the Campaign for Learning. Last year an estimated 5,600 organisations of all types and sizes took part in the Day. The idea behind the Day is to raise awareness about the [...]

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