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The religion of sport

Among the key indicators of an economic downturn is that people become more obsessed than ever with sport. The Depression Years in the late 1920s and into the 1930s saw baseball’s popularity soar in America, as did cricket’s within the British Empire – while boxing grew a worldwide following, along with other sports.   While [...]

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Plato meets science fiction

People are being introduced to the key concepts of philosophy through science fiction in a course run by London-based philosopher Peter Worley. The course, run in London on six evenings in September and October, under the auspices of The Philosophy Shop, explores philosophical questions and themes behind much modern science fiction literature, films and television [...]

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Culture and ethics

Cultural expert Richard Lewis, of Richard Lewis Communications, made a good point recently when he wrote: ‘Our values can make a difference to what we believe is the right thing to do. And values, or the priority we give them, can be different across cultures. What do we believe is more important: the truth, or [...]

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Ethical dilemma

According to an online report in HR magazine, the Institute of Business Ethics has found that 84% of British staff always - or ‘frequently’ - try to display ethical behaviour in the workplace, compared with only 80% in 2005. Only 11% claim they compromise their organisation's ethical standards. This is down from 2005’s figure of [...]

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A piece of excellent advice

Greed appears to be a major motivator in today’s world. It lies at the heart of the current global economic crisis but, to be fair, it is a characteristic that has pervaded all of human history. Even in the micro-economic worlds that we all inhabit (and especially in the world of writing), you will find [...]

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Who’s lying now?

A study of 1,322 British workers – commissioned by recruitment related website - has found that 82 per cent of people lie on behalf of their managers every day and more than half have had to take the flak for a managerial error; resulting in 17 per cent of British employees getting into trouble [...]

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Web wobble

Is the writing on the wall (again) for the internet industry? We are currently experiencing ‘web 2.0’ and this is enabling an apparently endless rise in the revenues derived from web advertising (with US internet advertising reportedly rising 25 per cent in the third quarter of this year to a record $5.2bn). As a result, [...]

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