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Rediscovering the value of cultural diversity

New research from the University of Exeter Business School has revealed that corporate managers who’re widely exposed to more than one culture during their formative years (up until 23 years of age) are more likely to be confident taking difficult and risky (business) decisions. This is probably just as well because, apparently, there are 40 [...]

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Norman Wisdom could solve Europe’s problems, allegedly

Europe is in a mess. It’s not just Greece that’s up to the hilt in debt. With the exception of Germany and (probably) France, every one of the Eurozone countries is – or is shortly to be – in some sort of financial trouble. Indeed, the people of Germany are now wondering why they have [...]

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Mind your language (part two)

Research by Bob Little Press & PR into the potential pitfalls in learning English as a foreign language has revealed the 11 English words which cause the most confusion to non-native students of the English language – particularly in a business context.   When using any language, it’s vitally important to know what the words [...]

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Mind your language (part one)

Having a client which uses learning technologies to teach English (goFLUENT) has prompted Bob Little Press & PR to do some research into language learning. Among other things (which may well be revealed later), the research has revealed the ten most common grammatical mistakes made by those learning English as a foreign language. They are: [...]

Culture and ethics

Cultural expert Richard Lewis, of Richard Lewis Communications, made a good point recently when he wrote: ‘Our values can make a difference to what we believe is the right thing to do. And values, or the priority we give them, can be different across cultures. What do we believe is more important: the truth, or [...]

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