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Learning Technologies: a key event

  At an officially estimated £565m a year, the UK’s corporate online learning technologies market is this sector’s largest national market in Europe – closely followed by that of France (worth some £550m a year). So the Learning Technologies exhibition (being held at Olympia, in London, 29th /30th January), is a key annual event at [...]

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The fifth, annual, top ten e-learning movers and shakers

  Now in its fifth year, here are the new lists of the ‘Top Ten’ most influential people in the corporate e-learning sector, in the World, Europe, the UK and Asia-Pacific.   These lists are compiled from a corporate online learning perspective, on the basis of a person’s perceived current influence on the online learning [...]

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E-Learning Centre adds Virtual Coach courses in negotiation and sales skills

  Customers of The E-Learning Centre website can now develop their sales, sales planning and negotiation skills via four courses produced by the Virtual Coach.   This UK-based organisation, founded by the award winning salesman and internationally acclaimed coach, Alan McCarthy, of RDC, is providing access via the E-Learning Centre website to its courses on [...]

Interest grows in Learning Light’s e-learning content evaluation tool

  In response to mounting interest in the development of an e-learning content evaluation tool (ELCET) by Learning Light in association with The Virtual College, Learning Light has made further information on the tool available via its website and also via the E-Learning Centre website.   David Patterson, a director of Learning Light, which provides [...]

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Learning Light develops an e-learning content evaluation tool

  In association with The Virtual College, Learning Light, a company which provides advice and help to organisations using e-learning and learning technologies to improve their business performance, has developed an e-learning content evaluation tool (ELCET).   David Patterson, a director of Learning Light, explained: “ELCET provides an objective assessment of any piece of e-learning. [...]

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Vado courses now featured on the Learning Light E-Learning Centre

  Vado is the latest e-learning production house to have its online courses added toThe E-Learning Centre website.   Vado’s learning courses are designed to help organisations take action to develop competencies and increase engagement among their workforce, as well as help new employees to learn about their new employer quickly and build contacts and [...]

Learning Light adds ej4 videos to its E-learning Centre

  Learning Light, which provides advice and help to organisations using e-learning and learning technologies to improve their business performance, has further enlarged The E-Learning Centre website by including a wide range of performance support materials from ej4.   The ‘ej4 performance enhancement solution’, designed to increase the intellectual value of human capital by instructing [...]

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Language learning courses added to the E-Learning Centre website

  In today’s global economy, it’s more important than ever to know more than one language. Thankfully – for those in the UK – English has become a major international business language but it is still valuable to know at least one other language, if only to help in forming and strengthening international relationships.   [...]

The learning trend traditionalists fear

    Elliott Masie, that shrewd and perceptive online learning mover and shaker with a worldwide reach and reputation, has finally stated publicly what many in the corporate learning world have known for some time but dared not reveal: ‘e-learning’ and ‘instructional design’ are disappearing.   Masie makes the point that job adverts for, and [...]

Evolving interactivity

  It’s now some six months since Harbinger Knowledge Products – makers of Raptivity, the award-winning, rapid e-learning development software tool that comes with a library of pre-built customisable interactions, most of which are interactive - launched ‘Raptivity Evolve’ for its Raptivity premium customers. In that time, it’s produced five new interaction modules collaborating with [...]