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The New Year is an opportune time to assess the markets and identify any key trends. Within the e-learning world, the past year has seen a number of trends – notably: E-learning producers - even those who outsource their development activities to countries other than the UK - are finding their customers deserting them and [...]

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At the drop of Geoffrey Boycott’s hat

What have the cult radio programme, Test Match Special (TMS), and the eLearning Network (eLN) in common? Leaving aside any suggestion that both engage - at the drop of Geoffrey Boycott’s now famous hat – in detailed speculation on obscure and arcane issues, the answer is ‘cake’. TMS has been inundated with cakes since long-time [...]

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Megatron turns to e-learning

About a decade or so ago, youngsters thrilled to a TV cartoon series called ‘Transformers’, in which the Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, fought against the evil forces of the Decepticons, led by Megatron. The stories had a new lease of life earlier this year with the release of a ‘Transformers’ feature film.   Now [...]

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The Leitch Report

The story so far… The premise is that, without world class skills, UK businesses will find it increasingly difficult to innovate and compete. The Treasury tackled this problem by establishing the Leitch Review to identify the optimal skills mix to maximise economic growth by 2020. The resulting report published a set of targets for workforce [...]

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And another thing…

The most recent Government legislation on skills – in the spirit of the 1563 Statute of Artificers – was the Industrial Training Act of 1964. It was employers' adverse reactions to the application of this Act over the next 25 years or so that has brought the UK to the position where we needed a [...]

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A legend in my lunchtime

Imagine my delight and surprise the other day when I was taken out to lunch by some senior executives from a very large and internationally known e-learning developer. It is flattering to be offered refreshment from any hand but the bigger the business, the more flattering it is, of course. Comment:  We were ushered to [...]

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Oi! HR professionals! Know your place!

Human resources professionals need to know their limitations, according to the former Granada chief executive and business troubleshooter Sir Gerry Robinson, and ex- BBC director general Greg Dyke. Speaking at the CIPD’s conference in Harrogate in September, they said that HR's role was to make things happen.   Robinson, who confessed he was not a [...]

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Good game – and no need to pay

The Institute of Digital Learning at the University of Wales, Newport, has launched a number of free interactive games that help people explore topics such as disability, age diversity, racial equality and homelessness. These games are contained within the 'Addressing Barriers: Enhancing Services' series of Equality and Diversity toolkits, which incorporate expert video tutorials alongside [...]

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Moving target

Mobile learning (m-learning) is moving beyond the innovation stage to full implementation in all sectors of the economy, according to the results of a survey of the members throughout the world of the US-based eLearning Guild (eLG). Apparently: 44.8% of respondents expect to do more m-learning in the next 12 months. The US and Canada [...]

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Revolutionary authoring tool

The use of virtual worlds for learning is attracting attention after the explosion of Second Life™ and similar online virtual communities. However, unleashing the power of virtual collaborative worlds to instructional designers and authors demands much higher levels of openness, accessibility and reusability in the underlying technologies and tools on the one side and lower [...]

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