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French target the UK

Web-based management training company, CrossKnowledge, has published the first in a series of distance learning management programmes developed with the Open University.   The French based company, which began in 2000 and now has more than 1m users of its products worldwide, recently opened offices in London. This move was aimed at serving the UK [...]

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Divide and conquer

In Gordon Brown’s Cabinet re-organisation, the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) was replaced by two Government departments. Ed Balls heads the Department for Children, Schools and Families, which is responsible for pre-19 education and family and children policy, while responsibility for the development and funding of further and higher education is the remit of [...]

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E-learning at the 2012 Olympics

Among the many speakers at the Training in Action conference in Italy in June was Pascal Wattiaux, of Disruptive Play and P W Sport Ltd, who is advising the International Olympic Committee and especially those organising the London Olympics of 2012. He explained how an Olympics is equivalent to starting a massive organisation from scratch [...]

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A glimpse into Europe’s best

Serious games, mobile learning and virtual learning worlds were the key themes at the ‘Training in Action’ conference, held in picturesque Sestri Levante, Italy, in early June. The event, which attracted some 150 of Europe’s top learning technologies specialists, was hosted by the LCMS vendor, Giunti Labs, at its Riviera headquarters: a converted 14th century [...]

A right Charlie

It’s rare to find e-learning in a mainstream book but an exception occurred recently with the publication of ‘Made in Brighton’ (208pp, Virgin, £14.99) by Julie Burchill and Daniel Raven. According to Chris Paling, reviewing the book the The Guardian (7th April), it celebrates the city's cool beauty and bemoans its lack of plumbers. Part [...]

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Awards overdose

The end of next month (29th June) sees the deadline for entries to this year’s E-Learning Awards. This comes hot on the heels of the announcement of this year’s winners of the Training Journal Awards and, if they’re still going, it will soon be time to send in entries for the WOLCE Awards too.   [...]

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Learning? At Work?

This year, ‘Learning at Work Day’ falls on 24th May.   For the past eight years, Learning at Work Day has been promoted by the Campaign for Learning. Last year an estimated 5,600 organisations of all types and sizes took part in the Day. The idea behind the Day is to raise awareness about the [...]

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Promoting the defunct

The website, ‘: e-LearningNow :’, which claims to be ‘the UK’s e-learning resource…[bringing] together the key information you require to successfully implement and use e-learning within your training and development strategy’, has been contacting e-learning suppliers inviting them to spend some £55 for a short entry in its ‘Suppliers (sic) Directory’.   Comment:  Those considering [...]

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The e-learning market: definitive figures

An extract from an article by John Helmer in this month’s edition of Human Capital Management magazine reads: ‘The Hambrecht report in 2000 defined three supplier segments in e-learning: technology, content and services. Even then the lines were blurring, with providers branching into other areas driven by client need… Large companies in IT, business consulting [...]

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BILD-ing on BLA’s ashes

The British Learning Association (BLA) – formerly the British Association for Open Learning (BAOL) – has just been told that it’s been awarded institute status. It is now the British Institute of Learning and Development (BILD). According to BILD officials, the new body’s aim is to take over the mantle of the old Institute of [...]

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