Mobile learning (m-learning) is moving beyond the innovation stage to full implementation in all sectors of the economy, according to the results of a survey of the members throughout the world of the US-based eLearning Guild (eLG). Apparently:

  • 44.8% of respondents expect to do more m-learning in the next 12 months.
  • The US and Canada lag behind other countries in terms of implementation of, and plans for, m-learning.
  • Of those who have implemented m-learning and have measured its ROI, 88% report a positive ROI.
  • Those who have implemented m-learning report a 52% improvement in user performance and an 83% increase in making learning available to users.

Comment:  Research findings fall into one of two categories: ‘Why did they waste money revealing the obvious?’ and ‘Wow, is that really true?’ Sadly, more research findings tend to fall into the former category. This includes the eLG survey:

  • The uptake of any ‘new’ technology is always set to increase – at least initially (after which, by definition, it stops being ‘new technology’).
  • All but the most unthinking George Bush supporter would now suggest that the US is at the forefront of the application of learning technologies.
  • It takes a brave person to confess that using new technology has produced a negative ROI, with reductions in user performance as a result of undergoing the learning.

When credibility and jobs are at stake, who needs truth?