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Today’s trends

According to the US-based eLearning Guild, the hottest trends in e-learning are the use of social networks and other collaborative tools, along with the explosion of immersive learning simulations (ILS) and serious games. These technologies, says the Guild, offer huge potentials - but also challenges - for achieving new levels of learner engagement, collaboration and [...]

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Joke programmes?

Among the awards hopefuls in the ‘Bespoke Learning Solution of the Year’ category at this year’s WOLCE Awards – announced in Birmingham on 19th November – was ‘Understanding business’, a programme from the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS).   Interestingly, RBS has been no stranger to publicity recently for its apparent misunderstanding of business issues [...]

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Too late for boreout

On 30th October, Kogan Page published Philippe Rothlin’s and Peter R. Werder’s book ‘Boreout! Overcoming Workplace Boredom’ (£14.99). ‘Boreout’, say the authors, is an increasingly important phenomenon which happens when employees feel disengaged with their work and become cut off from their company. Common causes of boreout are said to be feeling ‘understretched’ and dissatisfied [...]

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Berry’s bon mots

According to the Australian management and business consultant, Ian Berry: “Someone once said that the definition of stupidity is expecting a different result by continuing to do the same old thing. Someone else said that the definition of idiocy is doing something different and still getting the same result.”   Comment: There’s a lesson there [...]

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Make mobile devices, not babies

At The Digital Educational Content Marketplaces conference (DECOM 2008), which took place in Sestri Levante, Italy, at the end of October, one of the speakers – Adam Black, of Pearson Education - in endorsing the move towards mobile learning, commented that, every second, three babies are born somewhere in the world whereas, in the same [...]

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