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Ground-breaking book added to the Endless Bookcase

The publisher, the Endless Bookcase, has expanded its portfolio of titles by publishing ‘Bob’s Exploratory Theological Adventures’. Acknowledging that, in publishing this book, his firm is, in many ways, exploring new territory, the Endless Bookcase’s managing director, Carl French, said, “Although this isn’t the first book by Bob Little that we’ve published, it’s definitely the [...]

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Announcing the publication of a book chronicling Pendley’s 1,700 years of history

The Endless Bookcase – as part of its ‘Endless History’ series – has published a history of Pendley Manor, the former home of the BBC showjumping commentator, Dorian Williams, and now a hotel and conference centre. The book ‘A Perspective on Pendley: a history of Pendley Manor’ is available as an e-book: ASIN: B00LTZF5BY; some [...]

Book Review (number 7): Sermon Preparation

  Sermon Preparation Edited by Craig Brian Larson Published by: Hendrickson ISBN: 978-1-59856-960-5   Traditionally, Baptists have placed great emphasis on preaching the Word within the context of corporate worship. In turn, this can place pressure on the preacher to produce sermons that are original, insightful, useful, challenging, comforting - and a host of other [...]

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Book Review (number 6): Faith and the Future of the Countryside

Faith and the Future of the Countryside Edited by Alan Smith and Jill Hopkinson Published by: Canterbury Press ISBN: 978-1-84825-117-5   For centuries, the Church in these islands has been actively engaged with rural communities. It’s not only been a prophetic voice but has also been actively and practically involved with every issue affecting rural [...]

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Book Review (number 2)

This book review is also available on the Training Journal website. Digital learning content – a designer’s guide By Clive Shepherd Published by: Onlignment ISBN 978-1-4710-2920-2 Clive Shepherd’s new book argues that there is now so much learning content available in a variety of forms - especially via the internet – that [...]

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Secrets of singing revealed by e-book

All football or rugby supporters appear to have strong views on who should ‘manage’ and who should ‘captain’ their team. Evidence, over time, from these sporting worlds suggests that very few ‘great players’ go on to make ‘great managers’. Instead, most of the successful managers weren’t outstanding players. The good player, or performer, needs [...]

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Too late for boreout

On 30th October, Kogan Page published Philippe Rothlin’s and Peter R. Werder’s book ‘Boreout! Overcoming Workplace Boredom’ (£14.99). ‘Boreout’, say the authors, is an increasingly important phenomenon which happens when employees feel disengaged with their work and become cut off from their company. Common causes of boreout are said to be feeling ‘understretched’ and dissatisfied [...]

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A right Charlie

It’s rare to find e-learning in a mainstream book but an exception occurred recently with the publication of ‘Made in Brighton’ (208pp, Virgin, £14.99) by Julie Burchill and Daniel Raven. According to Chris Paling, reviewing the book the The Guardian (7th April), it celebrates the city's cool beauty and bemoans its lack of plumbers. Part [...]

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