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Purely a matter of time

According to a recently published survey by the France-based learning and development specialist Cegos, organisations are at odds with employees over the types of learning being developed. Some 50 per cent of employees across Europe want more e-learning and blended learning over the next three years, but only 40 per cent of HR professionals plan to develop [...]

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OU’s 40th birthday

This year, on 23rd April – a significant day for lovers of all things English - The Open University (OU) celebrated its 40th anniversary. The OU is now the UK’s largest university, teaching almost 200,000 students each year and, since its establishment in 1969, it has helped over 2m students further career development or fulfil [...]

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IRMOS Project preliminary results

Fabrizio Cardinali, Giunti Labs’ CEO, reveals the preliminary results of the Interactive Realtime Multimedia Applications on Service Oriented Infrastructures (IRMOS) Project at the ‘Immersive Education Summit’ at the London School of Economics in London on 24th April. The IRMOS Project is a 36 month, 12.9m Euro project awarded by the European Commission to a Consortium [...]

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Ps surprise

According to the marketing guru Philip Kotler – the Professor of International Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University in the USA and, in 2008, was named as the ‘sixth most influential person on business thinking’ by the Wall Street Journal – marketing is based on four ‘P’s: product; price; place, and [...]

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