According to a recently published survey by the France-based learning and development specialist Cegos, organisations are at odds with employees over the types of learning being developed. Some 50 per cent of employees across Europe want more e-learning and blended learning over the next three years, but only 40 per cent of HR professionals plan to develop more programmes using these techniques. In addition, while nearly 50 per cent of learners want to use collaborative tools such as blogs, forums and wikis, less than a third of HR professionals are in favour of these methods of learning delivery. Nonetheless, the UK continues to lead the way with the use of e-learning. Almost half of UK employees have taken part in e-learning. In France, the figure was closer to 25 per cent of employees.


Cegos’ UK managing director, Francis Marshall, explains the variations in findings – between employees and their HR departments as well as across countries – in terms of exposure to e-learning as a ‘generation’ thing. Marshall said: “It’s natural that Generation Y sees blended learning and e-learning as a preferred way of learning.”


Comment: Maybe it’s that simple. Let’s hope so – then at least e-learning will become the preferred, major learning delivery method in 20 years or so when Generation Y workers become senior executives and can decide on such things. Seen in this way, victory for e-learning’s apologists is inevitable. So now, it’s merely a question of current suppliers’ businesses surviving long enough to share in the spoils of victory.