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E-learning initiative for anaesthetists

The Royal College of Anaesthetists (, the professional body representing anaesthesia in the UK, is introducing an interactive e-learning resource to support training and professional development in anaesthesia. The programme is being launched by the President of the College, Dr Judith Hulf, at its annual College Tutors conference on 11th June. ‘e-Learning Anaesthesia’ (e-LA) ( [...]

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So, Encarta is no more….

Microsoft's once-mighty multimedia encyclopaedia, Encarta, is about to be no more – yet, a mere 15 years ago, its CD-enclosed pages provided access not just to all sorts of obscure and not-so-obscure facts but also to illustrations with which technology-literate children enlivened their homework. Recently, Microsoft announced that it is finishing the Encarta product, in [...]

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Ethical dilemma

According to an online report in HR magazine, the Institute of Business Ethics has found that 84% of British staff always - or ‘frequently’ - try to display ethical behaviour in the workplace, compared with only 80% in 2005. Only 11% claim they compromise their organisation's ethical standards. This is down from 2005’s figure of [...]

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A million?

The cross-cultural communications guru and celebrated author, Richard D Lewis, wrote in his blog recently: ‘…Not satisfied with its twin sources of Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-Norman French, English has, over the centuries, ruthlessly mugged languages ranging from Sanskrit, Latin and ancient Greek to Hindi, Malay, modern French, Italian and Navajo… A Texan organisation, Global Language Monitor, [...]

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