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The religion of sport

Among the key indicators of an economic downturn is that people become more obsessed than ever with sport. The Depression Years in the late 1920s and into the 1930s saw baseball’s popularity soar in America, as did cricket’s within the British Empire – while boxing grew a worldwide following, along with other sports.   While [...]

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Training budgets: a curious paradox

The Training Press Releases news site – among others – has reported research by Learning and Skills (L&S), the new exhibition being co-located with Learning Technologies in January 2010, which has found that businesses are responding to the changing economy by continuing to invest in skills that will be needed in the future. Donald H [...]

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The ghost of JR Hartley – and its marketing message

Joe Pélissier, of Pod Communications,, makes a good point when he writes that, while reading an article on fly-fishing: ‘I was struck between the connection between serious, passionate anglers and committed marketers. It’s to do with bait and mindset. ’For every type of creature there’s a bait. You just have to work out what [...]

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