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CIPD plumbs the depths

Today, I received an email which said: ‘Dear Mr Little, Join Europe's largest HR and development professional body and receive a £20 Marks & Spencer voucher with our thanks. Simply download and return the Affiliate membership form to us by 26 February 2010… Kind regards, Christine Williams, Chartered FCIPD, Membership Manager. P.S. Know a colleague [...]

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Bob Little’s top ten e-learning movers and shakers

This is an excellent time of year to review the previous 12 months (not the easiest time for any business) and to offer predictions for the next 12 (maybe more of the same) – and then forget all of that in order to be swept away on the rising tide of optimism that accompanies the [...]

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Helping government officials get it right

Last year, there were lots of stories about embarrassing data loss – mostly involving the Government. These stories led to government reviews including the Poynter Review, the Cabinet Office Data Handling Review and a cross-government review of data handling procedures. These highlighted ‘systemic, rather than individual failures’, due to ‘woefully inadequate systems’ and that ‘data [...]

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