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Docebo LMS retains its position among the Top Ten LMSs in the world

Docebo’s disruptive Cloud SaaS-based e-learning solutions platform has retained its sixth place ranking among the world’s top ten learning management systems (LMSs). The ranking comes from an annual, independent review of 642 LMSs by the internationally-known corporate online learning industry analyst, Craig Weiss, and published by E-Learning 24/7.     In last year’s [...]

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The sixth, annual, top ten e-learning movers and shakers

Now in its sixth year, the latest annual lists of the ‘Top Ten’ most influential people in the corporate e-learning sector - in the World, North America, Europe, the UK and Asia-Pacific - contain the names of 38 people. Of these, 24 are men and 14 are women.   This year, the top spot on [...]

Overpaid and/or over-hyped

The BBC has announced that Forbes magazine has named Eddie Murphy as 2012's most overpaid actor. Murphy’s recent box office flops ‘Imagine That’, ‘A Thousand Words’ and ‘Meet Dave’ mean that for every $1 (62p) he was paid for his last three films, they took an average of $2.30 (£1.40) at the box office.   [...]

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The best thing since sliced bread?

According to The Royal Society, the UK’s national academy of science, the three most significant inventions in the history of food and drink are the fridge, pasteurised milk and the tin can. The Royal Society’s list is: 1. Refrigeration 2. Pasteurisation / sterilisation 3. Canning 4. The oven 5. Irrigation 6. The threshing machine / [...]

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Asia-Pacific’s e-learning movers and shakers: the debate continues

It goes without saying that publishing any highly subjective, even if seriously and rigorously judged, list is going to spark discussion and, maybe, controversy. While this is not new in relation to the now established lists of corporate e-learning’s movers and shakers in ‘the World’, ‘Europe’ and the UK, it’s a novel experience for those [...]

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Asia-Pacific’s list of e-learning movers and shakers

Among the responses to the publication, at the beginning of January, of lists of the ‘top ten movers and shakers’ in the e-learning field – in the World, Europe and the UK – were a couple which argued for the publication of an Asia-Pacific list to complement the existing lists.   So here, following a [...]

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The third, annual, top ten e-learning movers and shakers

The dawn of a New Year means that, once again, here – based on nothing more than experience and prejudice – are the lists of the ‘Top Ten’ most influential people in the corporate e-learning sector, in the World, Europe and the UK.   And – increasing each year since these lists’ inception in 2010 [...]

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Top ten Tweeters in learning technologies

Learning is one of those key skills that we all need. Thankfully, in recent years, technology has enabled us to find more ways of delivering learning than merely via a classroom. Learning technologies (sometimes known as ‘e-learning’) now provides a great deal of help to people – especially those in the corporate world – who [...]

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Twenty tips for business success

The current challenging economic climate is persuading many people who feel that don’t have many prospects of getting a (new) job, to start up their own businesses. Here are some tips for wannabe successful business start-ups. They have been volunteered by a number of highly successful businesspeople, from a variety of industries, who are based [...]

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The top ten e-learning movers and shakers – again

There is little chance of anyone in the corporate e-learning field ever being named in the New Year’s Honours List – at least not for their services to corporate e-learning - but, by way of small compensation, there is growing interest in the annual publication of the lists of corporate e-learning’s ‘top ten movers and [...]

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