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Mind your language (part one)

Having a client which uses learning technologies to teach English (goFLUENT) has prompted Bob Little Press & PR to do some research into language learning. Among other things (which may well be revealed later), the research has revealed the ten most common grammatical mistakes made by those learning English as a foreign language. They are: [...]

Why can’t the English teach their children how to speak?

In the popular musical, ‘My Fair Lady’, the phonetics teacher, Professor Higgins, laments, ‘Why can’t the English teach their children how to speak?’ Were he a real character and alive today, Professor Higgins would probably be lamenting even louder that this trend has not only continued but has taken on an international context. Apparently, these [...]

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Current news and business feeds for e-learning platform

New York Times News Syndicate (NYTNS) videos and Harvard Business Review (HBR) articles – along with news from Agence France Presse - are now being used as learning resources on distance Business English training, goFLUENT’s e-learning platform.   Christophe Ferrandou, goFLUENT’s CEO, said: “goFLUENT’s e-learning platform contains topical videos, articles and quizzes, all graded according [...]

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Glassmaking giant improves its employees’ English communication skills

The US-based global glassmaking giant O-I (81 plants in 21 countries) is improving the English communication skills of its worldwide workforce with a unique blended learning approach. This approach – known as ENGLISH@O-I – involves a specially developed e-learning platform, with customised content, where learners receive consistent written feedback, as well as individual coaching, to [...]

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Helping young people to develop business skills

Two – no doubt of many – recent examples of the business world helping young people to develop valuable life skills include:   Ben Turner, National Sales Manager for the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management (ISMM), is helping unemployed young people in Bedfordshire improve their chances of getting jobs in sales and marketing. Ben [...]