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How to be ‘The Admirable Subordinate’

‘The Admirable Crichton’, originally a 1902 stage play by J.M. ‘Peter Pan’ Barrie and, subsequently, the subject of several films, explores a reversal of fortunes which sees a family servant become a natural leader. But, when circumstances change again, the servant is happy to relinquish the leadership role for that of a servant.   L&D [...]

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The Total Cost of Work

Experience suggests that, when faced with a need to cut costs, chief financial officers (CFOs) tend to respond by laying off workers.   Initially, that might keep HR professionals busy – but such a strategy hints at longer-term organizational problems.   Indeed, Paul Lalovich argues that, before getting rid of workers, CFOs should calculate the [...]

Brexit issues for the UK’s HR professionals

In a week when The Observer reported that the Bank of England predicts that up to 75,000 jobs could be lost in the financial services sector following Brexit, and The Daily Telegraph reported that The Study for the National Institute Economic Review suggests that UK families face hikes of up to £930 in their annual shopping [...]

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Improving corporate presentations

A creative consultant and storyteller, Ian Sanders is the author of four books on work and business. Talking about presentations recently to FT|IE Corporate Learning Alliance - a joint venture of the Financial Times and IE Business School, formed in 2015 in response to growing calls for more flexible, practical, relevant and timely corporate learning [...]

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Issues of Trust and Trustworthiness

Notably since the global economic “crash” of 2008, business commentators – among others – have been remarking on a general loss of public “trust” in organisations.   According to Robert Phillips, a former PR practitioner, the author of “Trust me, PR is dead” and now the Co-Founder of Jericho Chambers (a strategy consultancy that’s been [...]