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The learning trend traditionalists fear

    Elliott Masie, that shrewd and perceptive online learning mover and shaker with a worldwide reach and reputation, has finally stated publicly what many in the corporate learning world have known for some time but dared not reveal: ‘e-learning’ and ‘instructional design’ are disappearing.   Masie makes the point that job adverts for, and [...]

Augmenting authoring tools using interactions

  No one wants to take time and trouble, using their expertise, to produce something that’s not as effective as it should be. This is just as true of online learning designers and developers as it is of anyone.   Since adding interactivity to any learning material helps to engage and interest the learners, as [...]

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The people aspects of learning

It’s all very well to promote the benefits of any or all forms of online learning – especially its flexibility - but people will only embrace this learning if they want to learn and are actively encouraged to do so by both their line and senior managers.   In addition to this managerial encouragement, there [...]

Product Review: Raptivity, version 7.3

Produced by Harbinger Group Harbinger Group’s Raptivity - a wizard-led rapid development software tool that comes with a library of pre-built templates - is one of the few options available for the professional learning designer/ developer. Users of this versatile rapid interactivity builder tool can create stand-alone learning content - or import the file into [...]

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Reaching for the Moon – making learning memorable

As we all know, money doesn’t grow on trees. Not even paper money is made from the pressed wood pulp that provides us with the other sorts of paper that we use every day.   Paper money – at least the sort that’s used in the UK, the USA and the Eurozone – is made [...]

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Don’t forget instructional design completely

The launch of the much-heralded Storyline from the Articulate stable (now believed to be scheduled for early May)  increases the opportunity for anyone – well, anyone who can use software deftly – to produce technology-delivered learning materials. In many ways, this puts the ‘traditional’ skills of the professional instructional designer – a profession even older [...]

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