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Augmenting authoring tools using interactions

  No one wants to take time and trouble, using their expertise, to produce something that’s not as effective as it should be. This is just as true of online learning designers and developers as it is of anyone.   Since adding interactivity to any learning material helps to engage and interest the learners, as [...]

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How to buy the best, safely

Typically, buyers of learning materials want the best products at the least cost, in the shortest time cycles, with the minimum risk and from the best vendors. They also want ‘continuity’ from those from whom they buy.   Online learning is characterised by being produced by multi-disciplinary teams, to demanding project management requirements and – [...]

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Book Review (number 2)

This book review is also available on the Training Journal website. Digital learning content – a designer’s guide By Clive Shepherd Published by: Onlignment ISBN 978-1-4710-2920-2 Clive Shepherd’s new book argues that there is now so much learning content available in a variety of forms - especially via the internet – that [...]

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Time, tide and the fable of Reginald Bunthorne

If, like me, you’re a Gilbert & Sullivan fan, you might find your thoughts wandering to Reginald Bunthorne, the fleshly poet in the opera ‘Patience’, when you see the notice of next week’s meeting of the eLearning Network (eLN). At the end of Act one in the opera, Bunthorne has decided to raffle himself among [...]

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