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Nico Frame appointed as Marketing Manager for Silver Fox

  Nico Frame has become the Marketing Manager of Silver Fox, a leading UK manufacturer of labelling solutions.     Prior to joining Silver Fox, Nico was Senior Sales Consultant for the London-based sales training company, Sales Doctor Ltd. He has a background in sales and marketing in both the pharmaceutical industry (with [...]

Thorne and Derrick promotes Silver Fox tie-on cable labels

  Throughout the month of August, Thorne and Derrick (T&D) is running a special offer on Silver Fox’s tie-on cable labels.   T&D is a national distributor and worldwide exporter of cable installation, cable jointing and electrical equipment for industrial and hazardous areas, serving utilities, along with the power, construction, rail, mining, street lighting, offshore, [...]

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The market grows for Silver Fox’s tie-on cable labels

  Silver Fox, a leading UK manufacturer of labelling solutions, has reported that sales of its LXL range of tie-on cable labels have been rising steadily over the past year and are being used in increasingly diverse set of sectors. These tie-on cable labels are now being used in situations as diverse as London Underground [...]

Fox boxes clever to help part of ‘UK plc’

  ‘Fox-In-A-Box’ – recently launched by Silver Fox, a leading UK manufacturer of labelling solutions – is proving its worth as a cost-effective solution for printing large volumes of cable labels with all the essential components supplied in a single box.    The kit includes a Plug’N’Play thermal printer, labelling software, a universal [...]