Silver Fox, a leading UK manufacturer of labelling solutions, has reported that sales of its LXL range of tie-on cable labels have been rising steadily over the past year and are being used in increasingly diverse set of sectors. These tie-on cable labels are now being used in situations as diverse as London Underground (LUL), North Sea oil platforms and London’s Savoy Hotel. They were also used by contractors in the construction of London’s Olympic Village and Stadium.


When they were introduced, in 1999, Silver Fox’s LXL labels were a ‘first’ for the electrical instrumentation industry – not only because they are available in six colours as well as one that glows in the dark but also because users can produce 24 of these cable labels in around 15 seconds. This is much faster that those using competing products can achieve.


“So the ‘time into profit’ in using the Silver Fox method is staggering,” said Nick Michaelson, CEO of Silver Fox. “Users can produce them via our Labacus Innovator labelling software, which includes templates for all of our tie-on cable labels, via any standard office laser printer.


“The labels are also supplied in rolls via a purpose-designed dispenser pack that sits at the back of the printer. They’re pre-perforated for fast and clean tear-off from the roll. These labels are made from durable polyester and work well in a variety of different environments. In addition, they can be with any standard nylon or stainless steel cable ties,” he added.


A new range of tie-on cable labels has also been added. The new Fox-Flo® UV-stable, low smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) tie-on cable labels are making an impact on, among others, LUL and Network Rail projects in the UK. They are also in demand on the export market – with strong sales being reported into the Middle East and a number of countries in the former Russian republic.


Fox-Flo tie-on cable labels are 1mm thick and are currently available in two widths – 15 and 25mm – with options for 70mm, 90mm and 110mm lengths. They’ve been successfully tested at recognised independent UKAS, IMO and MOD approved laboratories, complying with a number of MIL and other standards.


“Silver Fox’s tie-on cable labels are proving a hit with both buyers and engineers,” said Nick Michaelson. “In particular, engineers want the reassurance and reliability that comes from working with a company that manufactures in the UK and that offers an extensive range of successfully tested label options, with customer-focused technical and support services around the world.”