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Conference Clash Goes CLC’s Way

This year’s annual Conference for members of the Charity Learning Consortium (CLC) took place in Pimlico, south west London, on 15th November. By strange coincidence, the eLearning Network (eLN) held one of its regular events on the same date – but in the City of London.   In previous years, such a ‘clash’ of prestigious [...]

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Overwhelmed, overwired – and over-sold

'If feeling exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed has become the norm, you are probably overwired. Being overwired means being overwhelmed, often with serious consequences to your health and well-being’.   So says the marketing material for an e-book called ‘8 Ways to Rewire Your Life and Revamp Your Productivity’. The e-book sets out eight ways you [...]

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Ten strategies for success

Following researching her new book, ‘Resilience’ (published by Capstone Wiley next February), modern life skills specialist Liggy Webb ( has come up with ten strategies to help people to be able to cope better with the demands and challenges of everyday life ( Take a journey of self-discovery: Self-awareness and self-confidence play a [...]

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Stressed about stress

Wednesday 4th November was National Stress Awareness Day and, to mark the occasion, psychologist Dr Rick Norris launched a campaign to lobby for change in the education system to deal with root cause of rising mental health problems.   With as many as one in four people suffering from stress, anxiety or depression in the [...]

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