‘If feeling exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed has become the norm, you are probably overwired. Being overwired means being overwhelmed, often with serious consequences to your health and well-being’.


So says the marketing material for an e-book called ‘8 Ways to Rewire Your Life and Revamp Your Productivity’. The e-book sets out eight ways you can rewire yourself to work smarter, live better and be more productive. It includes ways to boost your productivity; explaining why overwhelmed employees are an expensive drain on their employers, and how the ‘right technology’ can help relieve stress.


Comment: The only problem is that, if you’re ‘overwired’ and overwhelmed by the stresses of life, having to go through the process of buying – and then devote the time to read – an e-book is only going to make things worse.


At least, it will in the short term – and, as the economist, Maynard Keynes, famously once said, ‘In the long term, we’re all dead.’ So becoming ‘underwired’ (is that a bit like a bra, I wonder) rather than overwired can only be a short term – if undeniably unpleasant – phenomenon anyway. Perhaps it’s simpler to ‘grin and bear it’ or even ‘keep calm and carry on’.