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Conflicting signals in e-learning

According to a report by virtual learning worlds and serious games’ specialists Ambient, there is a general slow down in spend on self-paced e-learning due to three market factors: The commoditisation of platforms and tools, which reduces market price Pricing pressures in the corporate e-learning sector caused by the slow economic recovery The growing tendency [...]

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ISMM encourages compliance training relating to the new Bribery Act

On 1st July 2011 the UK Bribery Act comes into effect – creating a new raft of criminal offences. Under the new act, corporate failure to prevent bribery on the part of any employee - including third party agents - will be punishable by significant fines and, potentially, jail sentences for directors and others.   [...]

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Twenty tips for business success

The current challenging economic climate is persuading many people who feel that don’t have many prospects of getting a (new) job, to start up their own businesses. Here are some tips for wannabe successful business start-ups. They have been volunteered by a number of highly successful businesspeople, from a variety of industries, who are based [...]

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An interesting or vital statistic?

It has been revealed that the 422,000 workers in the City and Canary Wharf contributed £11bn last year through income tax – which is the same figure as the tax paid by the entire Scottish workforce.   According to research from Ambition, the amount of combined income tax and NI contributions paid by City workers [...]

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Networking works

Platinum Point, the unique business breakfast group - which is based in St Albans and which numbers this blogger among its members - has revealed that, since 2006 when the group began, the group’s members have generated an estimated £1.9m in revenue for fellow members’ businesses.   Tim Parfitt, managing director of the St Albans-based [...]

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It’s not just all talk

According to a customer satisfaction survey conducted at the end of March, some 80% of executives believe their company delivers superior customer service. Interestingly, only eight per cent of their customers agree. This statistic was revealed by Murray Cox, a consultant with the customer communication consultancy CCL ( Cox was speaking at one of a [...]

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Social media advice for organisations

‘Social media – we know it’s going on but we’re not in control’. That – according to communication strategy consultant Martin Hill-Wilson – is a typical response from businesses to today’s social media phenomenon. Hill-Wilson was speaking at one of a series of seminars on communications and customer strategy organised by the management consultancy CCL [...]

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A thought for the New Year

Apparently the Duke of Wellington had an unusual approach to developing his battlefield strategies: he played with toy soldiers. In a large room, he’d build model landscapes over which he would set warring miniature armies against each other. But, unusually, he would act as the general of both armies - conflicting roles he immersed himself [...]

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Business Schools’ bonanza

A recent study has revealed that some UK business schools contribute up to £100m a year to their regional economy.   Carried out for the Association of Business Schools (ABS) by the Nottingham Economics Centre at Nottingham Business School, part of Nottingham Trent University, the report looked at the role of business schools as a [...]

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Women on the rise in UK companies’ boardrooms

HR Magazine has reported that the proportion of women on the boards of the top UK companies has increased to 13.6% in 2010 from 11.5% in 2008. Additionally, the proportion of UK companies with at least one woman on the board has risen to 84% in 2010 from 81% in 2008.   Women make up [...]

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