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Ignorance or apathy

In business – and life – there are few things as certain as change. This week, there was a change in the composition of the FTSE top 100 companies. Of the current list, only around half of these companies existed before 1972. Since, over many years, companies devote significant resources to staff learning and development [...]

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Preparing for revolution

It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that now is not a good time for jobs. Some commentators estimate that nearly 2m British workers face unemployment in 2009 as a result of the credit crunch. These job losses seem to be across all sectors of the economy and all levels of worker. Event the Management Consultancies [...]

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Who’s lying now?

A study of 1,322 British workers – commissioned by recruitment related website - has found that 82 per cent of people lie on behalf of their managers every day and more than half have had to take the flak for a managerial error; resulting in 17 per cent of British employees getting into trouble [...]

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Berry’s bon mots

According to the Australian management and business consultant, Ian Berry: “Someone once said that the definition of stupidity is expecting a different result by continuing to do the same old thing. Someone else said that the definition of idiocy is doing something different and still getting the same result.”   Comment: There’s a lesson there [...]

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And now, the news you’ve known all along

A recent study by IBM and the Human Capital Institute (HCI) shows that while 84 per cent of organisations know workforce effectiveness is important to achieving business results, only 42 per cent of those surveyed say managers devote sufficient time to people management. The study, ‘Integrated Talent Management’, was based on research with 1,900 individuals [...]

Fundamental flaw

Train to Gain is the latest in a long line of wheezes from the Government to get everyone trained up to the eyeballs. Indeed, to my personal knowledge, these wheezes have occurred in various guises – often quite thickly disguised guises – since the 1964 Industrial Training Act introduced industrial training boards, training levies on [...]

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Internet beats TV and the press

The internet has ten times the influence of traditional print media on the average consumer, according to a recent study of 5,000 people by the global PR agency Fleishman-Hillard. According to the survey, the internet has double the influence of television, which ranked second, ahead of newspapers and magazines.   Fleishman-Hillard’s study went on to [...]

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Training failure at T5: official

The opening day problems at Heathrow's Terminal 5 (T5) were largely down to a lack of staff familiarisation with new facilities and processes, rather than technology issues - according to British Airways’ CEO, Willie Walsh. Walsh has made it clear that building work delays caused the airline to compromise its staff familiarisation programme. Walsh, who, [...]

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Web wobble

Is the writing on the wall (again) for the internet industry? We are currently experiencing ‘web 2.0’ and this is enabling an apparently endless rise in the revenues derived from web advertising (with US internet advertising reportedly rising 25 per cent in the third quarter of this year to a record $5.2bn). As a result, [...]

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