One of the giants of the UK IT training industry – Parity Training – has been placed in administration.

Colin Steed, Chief Executive of the Institute of IT Training (IITT), has gone on record as saying: “We’ve worked with Parity since the IITT’s formation in 1995 and they have always been a leading supporter of the Institute. In recent times they’ve had more than their share of problems, and I presume that the recession has been the final nail in the coffin.”

The business was sold to ECS Limited in February 2009. There is no trading relationship between Parity Training and its former owners Parity Group.

Comment: While Colin Steed makes a good point, it’s not just the recession that is taking its toll of ‘learning technologies’ suppliers – those supplying learning content and systems as well as those providing training for those using the technology.

The recession is changing the way we work but so is advancing technology. We’re using technology in a different way from, say, ten years ago. For one thing, it’s being used more as performance support and for unstructured, informal type learning, relegating the more formal course-based approach in importance and usage. In addition, as the ’baby boomer’ generation of digital immigrants retires, their places are being taken by ‘digital natives’ who don’t need the same sort of learning materials or training approach that has been needed over the last 15 years or so.

A new era is dawning – fueled by demographics, user preferences and technology as well as by recession.