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‘Rocket-boosting’ Skills for Jobs White Paper praised by eCom Scotland

  Linda Steedman, Chairman of the digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom Scotland, has broadly welcomed the publication of the Government’s Skills for Jobs White Paper.   The White Paper, published on 21st January, aims to transform post-16 education and training, boost skills and get more people into work. It enshrines the Prime Minister’s Lifetime [...]

goFLUENT expands its operations in Britain

Increasing demand for its products globally has prompted goFLUENT, a provider of Business English training which works with many of the Fortune 500 companies around the world, to begin a recruiting drive for British-based native English speakers. They will augment goFLUENT’s existing team of 400 or so trainers, who are based in the USA, Canada [...]

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Business intelligence experiences rapid growth in Europe

LogiXML, a pioneer of web-based business intelligence (BI), has announced that its UK based European business unit has exceeded 100 per cent year-over-year sales growth for the last three years and has tripled its headcount with plans to continue its aggressive hiring in second half of 2012. Additionally, LogiXML has expanded its Partner Program in [...]

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Learning providers are shown where the money is

During the current recession, three in ten adults who are working or looking for work have paid to learn new skills in their own time to help them get new jobs or keep their current one.   This is revealed in a new poll by elemense, the recruitment processing outsourcing company. The survey also found [...]

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Telling it like it should be

Cutting back too far on staffing during the recession could leave businesses lagging behind when the upturn arrives, believes Andrew Hardaker, managing director of recruitment specialists, ATA Selection. He says that many businesses are looking at ways of saving money – and, with employees often being the most expensive overhead, staff cutbacks seem inevitable. His [...]

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Entrepreneurs’ corporate cages

Headhunters are often asked to find ‘entrepreneurial’ managers, but do company’s recruiters really know what they’re asking for? And, if so, how do they exploit their talents and encourage them to stay?   The international search firm, Cripps Sears, has recently teamed up with Kingston University’s Entrepreneurship Centre to examine these - and related - [...]

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Equal employment opportunities – even for zombies

HR magazine has reported that The London Dungeon has recruited two new zombies to embark on a £30,000 per year career of scaring visitors. There were over 200 applicants for the role and around 60 were auditioned. Louie McKenna and Jeremiah Barnes were selected as the two best suited to take on the role of [...]

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Motivation matters

Farnham Castle, the Surrey based corporate events venue, has urged companies to take staff motivation seriously during the recession.   “A positive and motivated team is always going to out-perform competitors which have a negative staff attitude,” said Farnham Castle’s Jeff Toms.  “Focusing on staff motivation during the downturn is a cost effective way to [...]

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Preparing for revolution

It can’t have escaped anyone’s notice that now is not a good time for jobs. Some commentators estimate that nearly 2m British workers face unemployment in 2009 as a result of the credit crunch. These job losses seem to be across all sectors of the economy and all levels of worker. Event the Management Consultancies [...]

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HR perspective

The latest Hays HR Salary and Benefits Survey appears to show that: There has been significant growth in junior roles - at HR Officer and HR Advisor levels - and there is a shortage of candidates at this level. There are fewer opportunities at the senior end of the market, with senior HR candidates seeming [...]

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