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The cost of learning

HR review has reported that staff use of the internet to conduct personal searches costs the UK economy £10.6bn each year, according to new research by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), which suggest that the average British worker spends 90 minutes a week during working hours surfing the web for personal use. Additionally, the [...]

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Yorks v Sussex – and the rest of Europe

Traditionally, in the English summer months, the words ‘Yorkshire v Sussex’ would conjure up not just epic, entertaining cricket matches but ones in which two almost opposing cultures battled it out for supremacy. Dour Yorkshire professionalism that asked and gave no quarter would take on the cream and epitome of southern England’s dilettante amateurs – [...]

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Training failure at T5: official

The opening day problems at Heathrow's Terminal 5 (T5) were largely down to a lack of staff familiarisation with new facilities and processes, rather than technology issues - according to British Airways’ CEO, Willie Walsh. Walsh has made it clear that building work delays caused the airline to compromise its staff familiarisation programme. Walsh, who, [...]

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Client query

Recently, a client asked me ‘in your experience, for how long do press releases float around the papers and websites?’   Comment: The short answer is that, usually, a story does the rounds on news wires and news sites for about a fortnight. After that, of course, it becomes part of those sites - so [...]

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On yer bike

Most people who move off benefits and into work say that having a job improves their quality of life, according to recent research by Working Links - an organisation that helps the long-term unemployed find work. Of its 1,300 clients, 80 per cent said they were more satisfied with life since finding work.   The [...]

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Muted enthusiasm for e-learning

While most companies use e-learning, just seven per cent see it as one of the top three most effective training methods, according to a CIPD survey. Only 50 per cent of employees who are offered e-learning take it up, while just 30 per cent are reported as completing their courses. Yet the use of e-learning [...]

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Mice and men

Some 42 per cent of HR professionals think that the quality of leadership in HR is poor or merely satisfactory, according to a survey conducted by HR with Guts and Orion Partners. The survey concentrated on the most important qualities for HR leaders to develop and display. Its results suggest that there is a conflict [...]

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Gleaner spots a glitch

The Jamaica Gleaner’s enterprise reporter, Tyrone Reid, has revealed that ‘major glitches in the (Jamaican) Government's e-learning programme have delayed the implementation of a multibillion-dollar initiative by almost a year - affecting thousands of students. The pilot phase of the US$50m programme was due to start in September 2006 and end in June 2007. That [...]

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Victimised by voicemail

Apparently, a Northern Ireland woman has won an unfair dismissal case after being sacked by voicemail. Marilyn Giboney said she found out she had been dismissed after picking up a message on her mobile phone while in hospital. The charity Victim Support Northern Ireland was ordered to pay the branch manager almost £17,000 after a tribunal [...]

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Webconferencing is the answer – probably to every question

A recent survey conducted by communications consultancy group ICUGlobal has revealed that, from a poll of 300 organisations, 70 per cent rated ‘reducing organisational carbon footprints’ as a key driver in their organisation’s decision to invest in webconferencing and collaboration.   The survey revealed that while organisations are constantly reviewing corporate travel and other communication [...]

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