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Black tie overload

Time was when, if you were involved in the e-learning world, your dinner jacket would hardly see the light of day. These days, it seems, the e-learning world is one glittering round of black tie dinners. No sooner have you had your dinner suit cleaned after attending the E-Learning Awards in London on 6th November [...]

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Your secrets are not safe with your IT department

If you are making people redundant - in these credit crunch influenced, potentially recessionary times - you should exercise extreme caution when it comes to dismissing your IT staff.   Identity management specialist firm Cyber-Ark has surveyed 300 IT security professionals and found that 88 per cent of IT administrators, if laid off tomorrow, would [...]

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And now, the news you’ve known all along

A recent study by IBM and the Human Capital Institute (HCI) shows that while 84 per cent of organisations know workforce effectiveness is important to achieving business results, only 42 per cent of those surveyed say managers devote sufficient time to people management. The study, ‘Integrated Talent Management’, was based on research with 1,900 individuals [...]

A new name – just in time

Jay Cross, the man who claims to have coined the term ‘e-learning’, is now publicly arguing for the term ‘e-learning’ to be replaced by ‘emergent learning’. Writing in Human Capital Management magazine’s September edition, Cross believes that today’s working environment means that ‘top-down, command-and-control organisations can no longer keep pace… Teams, in-house functions, outsource providers [...]

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Fundamental flaw

Train to Gain is the latest in a long line of wheezes from the Government to get everyone trained up to the eyeballs. Indeed, to my personal knowledge, these wheezes have occurred in various guises – often quite thickly disguised guises – since the 1964 Industrial Training Act introduced industrial training boards, training levies on [...]

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A bit ‘Mickey Mouse’?

Elliott Masie, the doyen of the e-learning consultant world, recently sent out an invitation to all his many friends to join him at his annual gathering for learning professionals: Learning 2008. The event is being held from 26th to 29th October – at Walt Disney World, in Orlando, Florida.   Comment: Could this be an [...]

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We’re tops for training

According to the well known – and well respected – journalist John Charlton, writing for Personnel Today, a report from French e-learning specialist Cegos names UK companies as top of the European training league. The Cegos survey of 1,000 medium and large companies in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain found that 61 per [...]

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Trendy facts

According to Global Industry Analysts, the US is the single largest e-learning market worldwide, with revenues exceeding $17.5bn in 2007 - representing over 60 per cent of the total market. Europe is the second largest e-learning market, with a share of less than 15 per cent - but the Asian market is reported to be [...]

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Internet beats TV and the press

The internet has ten times the influence of traditional print media on the average consumer, according to a recent study of 5,000 people by the global PR agency Fleishman-Hillard. According to the survey, the internet has double the influence of television, which ranked second, ahead of newspapers and magazines.   Fleishman-Hillard’s study went on to [...]

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Pricey but prestigious podcasts: price plummets

Not long ago, the well known freelance journalist and contributor to The Guardian, Mail on Sunday and Daily Telegraph, Guy Clapperton, hit upon what seemed a great idea in these web 2.0-enabled times. He decided to interview HR representatives of ‘high quality companies’ (including Microsoft’s director of HR in the UK) and turn these interviews [...]

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